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“School With” is a Japanese leading company operating the review site of Language Study.

We provide a lot of voice of experience and information about Language Study.
We would like to broaden Language Study in the world in Japanese market as supporting and taking steps with growing change of Japanese into global citizens.

“School With” administration team are composed of those who experienced and knows Language Study especially including CEO Hideki Ota who (traveled around the world for 2 years and) published a book about studying in the Philippines as the first person in Japan, staffs who had studied in the United States, and engineers and web market specialists.

Firstly, We started the review site for the Philippines version since 2013.
At the end of 2015 year, we have broadened our services to Western countries. We will continue to devote ourselves toward our services.

We very welcome the visit of owners of language schools and the persons in charge with all nationalities. How would you like to join us on the website and introduce your school to Japanese future students? The advertisement fee is free so please feel free to contact us from the address below.

In addition, we are waiting for your requests for advertisement, new plans of some projects with us and collaboration of some events and so on.
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