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I came from Fukuoka, in Japan.
I was wondering if you could attach your picture and comment on my wall.

I went to high school to study English and studied for 3 years. I like English!!
I chose university which I could study about childcare. It was absolutely fascinating!! I had studied about childcare for 4 years. When I was 21 years old in 2008, I went to Cairns in Australia and stayed for 10days. After I left Australia, decided to go Australia again Because this trip was absolutely brilliant.
I graduated from university in 2009 and on 12th of July, arrived Australia and stayed in Cairns for about 5months. Because I worked as tour guide at Paronella Park, I left Cairns 8th of Dec and I moved into new house.
I finished working at Paronella Park on 1st of June and was staying in Cairns from 2nd of June to 6th. After that, I went to farm which I could ride horses. It was so exciting!!
I went to Darwin on 16th of June and joined Adventure tours from Darwin to Adelaide. Also, I went to Melbourne and Sydney by bus after tour.
Finally, I left in Australia on 9th of July and arrived Fukuoka in the morning on 10th of July.
Now, I work at I school kindergarten in Kurume and go there by car about 35 min. It's hard to work there but childre are so cute! I take care of children who are 3 years old.


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