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Hello. I'm Koichi Ishida. Nice to meet you.

I live in Tokyo, Japan.

Presently, I'm jobless. I live on just my investments.
I invest in company stocks, unit trusts, and the US dollar via stock broker companies in Japan.

I have a saving account at a bank in Hong Kong. I want to invest via the bank. The law allows that in Hong Kong.

In Japan, a banking service and a stock trading service must be separated by law. A bank can't provide both a banking service and a stock trading service.

In Japan, a bank should provide only a banking service, and stock trading service is provided by a stock broker company.

The law in Hong Kong is different from the one in Japan.

To start an investment in Hong Kong, I need to open an investment account at the bank in addition to a saving account.

To open an investment account, I have to have an interview at the bank. I have to show I understand the risk of investments at the interview.

Passing the interview is my goal of learning English.


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