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I'm a CEO of Zawatt Inc.(http://facebook.com/Zawatt )

Daisaku worked at Walt Disney Company as a mobile producer and led a lot of mobile apps and Social Games to success in Japan. He had a success in mobile e-commerce service field when he was in CYBIRD with Nobuaki Suzuki CTO of Zawatt. Daisaku is also known as a producer of “Budget like RPG”(こづかいdeクエスト)iOS/Android app, got the highest award of mobile widget contest hold by Yahoo! and SoftBank in 2009. Daisaku is the evangelist to change the world by Zawatt service.

#1981 to 2005 -Rock'n'Roll Guy.

#Apr 2005-Feb 2008:Cybird Co,Ltd,.
-Mobile Contents Director
-Event Producer
-Mobile e-commerce Producer / Founder

#Mar 2008-July 2011 : Walt Disney Company(Japan)
-Mobile Contents Producer
-Social media SNS partnerships
-Social Games Producer / Founder

#Nov 2008
-Founded my own creative team "Team Palupunte"
Won the Yahoo! and SoftBank mobile widget grand prix Award.(¥2,000,000)

#Nov 2009
-Launched iPhone application

#Nov 2010
-Launched mixi applications(Open Social API)

#Feb 2011
-Launched Android application
≫Nominated Smartphone application Award Japan.

#May 2011
-Founded Zawatt Inc.

Social Game, Social media ,mobile contents Produce.

Sorry,I reject friends request from stranger who I never met in my real life.


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