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Tôi là người Việt.
I was born in Saigon(Ho Chi Minh) in Viet Nam but grew up Kanagawa in Japan.
My Home is Ho Chi Minh and kanagawa.

ベトナム戦争 / ボートピープル難民 / 偏見 差別 いじめられっ子 / NPO代表 / 海外ルーツ、社会になじめない子の自立支援多文化共生社会 / 第9期アジア起業塾生、最優秀受賞 / ETIC社会起業塾 / 人、企業、教育の国際活性 / 日本とベトナムの架け橋 / ソーシャルメディア系ITベンチャーで修行中

Vietnam war/boat people refugee/prejudice difference another kicking can/ the ninth stage Asia establishment student and the best independence support multi culture symbiosis society/win/of the child who cannot become familiar with an overseas root and NPO representative/society It is training by link/social media system IT venture of Japan and international revitalization/Vietnam of the person, the enterprise, and ETIC society establishment cram school/education.

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