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Takahiro さん


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One of the biggest Trading company in Japan for 32 years and after retirement there, had set up Comfort Japan Co Ltd (Osaka) & Alcast International Co in now Ltd (Hong Kong ) but two of my venture company (sleeping)don't have international business for this four years.

Yes, basically I am a retired business man but who wanted to return back to the actual services again in Hong Kong and or Singapore with my associates and business partners because I might be allived more 15 years (at least more 10 years and at most 20years ).For this 5 years I was a big waste in my home almost through the day only watching on TV laid down on the floor and bed.

Big problem as for me to rebirth business mind, I can't speak English well although graduated missionary University and belonged to ESS at that time about 45 years ago and engaged in the trding company because my customers were all domestic factories in west parts of Japan (From Nagoya to Fukuoka), of course I had business trip to Asian countries may be 100 times more for 30 years but anywhere I had business trip, some of local staff of Foreign division or Subsidery or related conpnaies on site, they could speak Japanese very fuluently as a assistants,clerks and interpleters,no need to speak Foreign langauges ( English be in common in anywhere except China) 

So I thought I have to study English for myself in this time, I visited totally 4 times Philippines last year to check and know which school be good or better for me, Manila & Makati, Davao, Cebu, Baguio & Angeles (Clark)for 4 months totally 18 nights 20 days dropped in Philippines and visited totally 16 English Learning Schools in all 5 didtricts.

Finally I choosed and determined to go to Clark English Gakuin (Tiger Academy at that time ) from last November to this the end of April for 6 months and from this May to coming the end of October, I am staying in Angeles city for burshing up my English conversation ability having cominucations with Philippina and Philippino in the city side which means no school for 6 months in now after overed Academy in Jacson college !


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